By | April 7, 2015

For effective machining operations, the workpieces need to be properly and securely held on the machine table. The following are the usual methods of holding work on the table.

Large and irregular shaped workpieces are held on the milling machine table by ‘T’ – bolts and clamps.

‘V’ – blocks are used for holding cylindrical workpieces on the machine table in which keyways, slots and flats are to the machined. Angle plates are used to support the work when surfaces are to be milled at right angles to another machined surface.

Plain Vise

Vises are commonly used for holding work on the table due to its quick loading and unloading arrangement. There are mainly three types of vises namely plain vise, swivel vise and universal vise.

Swivel Vise

Universal Vise

Milling fixtures are useful when large numbers of identical workpieces are to be machined. Workpieces are held easily, quickly and accurately by milling fixtures.

Grinding Machine Operations

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