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Workpieces can be held and supported on the shaper table directly or by having some special devices. Depending on the size and shape of the work, it may be supported on the table by any one of the following methods.

  1. Shaper vise
  2. Clamps and stop pins
  3. T-bolts and step blocks
  4. Angle plate
  5. V – Block
  6. Special fixtures

1. Shaper Vise

Vise is the most common and simple work holding device used in a shaper. Different types of vises are used in a shaping machine according to the need and they are Plain vise, Swivel vise and Universal vise.

Shaper Vice

2. Clamps and Stop Pins

T – bolts are fitted into the T – slots of the table. The work is placed on the table The work is supported by a rectangular strip at one end and by a stop pin at the other side. The screw is tightened to secure the work properly on the machine table.

Use of Stop Pin

3. T-bolts, Clamp and Step Blocks

The step blocks are used in combination with T-bolts and clamps to hold the work directly on the machine table. T-bolts are fitted in the T-slots of the machine table. One side of the clamp holds the work and the other side rests on a step of the step block. The different steps of the block are useful in levelling the clamp when holding works of different heights. A nut on the top of the clamp holds the work rigidly.

Introduction to Shaping Machine

T- bolt, Clamp & Step Block

4. Angle Plate

Angle plate resembles the English alphabet ‘L’. It is accurately machined to have two sides at right angles. Slots are provided on both the sides. One of the sides is bolted to the machine table and the workpieces are held on the other side.

Angle Plate

5. V – block

V – block is a metal block having a ‘V’ shaped groove on it. It is used for holding cylindrical workpieces. Operations like keyway cutting, slot cutting and machining flat surfaces can be performed on the cylindrical workpieces held on a ‘V’ block.

‘V’ block

6. Special Fixtures

When internal keyways are to be machined on the holes, the work is held with a special fixture. The fixture has a V-block attached to it and the cylindrical work is mounted on it.

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