By | April 5, 2015

The shaping machines are classified as follows :

  • According to the type of driving mechanism
  1. Crank type
  2. Hydraulic type
  3. Geared type
  • According to the design of the table
  1. Plain shaper
  2. Heavy duty shaper
  3. Standard shaper
  4. Universal shaper
  • According to the position and travel of ram
  1. Horizontal shaper
  2. Vertical shaper
  • According to the type of cutting stroke
  1. Push cut shaper
  2. Draw cut shaper

Crank Type Shaper

Crank and slotted link mechanism of a crank type shaper converts the rotation of an electric motor into reciprocating movement of the ram. Though the lengths of both the forward and return strokes are equal, the ram travels at a faster speed during return stroke. This quick return is incorporated in almost all types of shaper.

Hydraulic Shaper

The ram of a hydraulic shaper is connected to a piston. Oil at high pressure is pumped to the cylinder of the hydraulic system. As the oil pushes the the piston, the ram reciprocates. Hydraulic shapers are high power machines and are used for heavy duty work.

Types of Shaper Tools

Universal Shaper

The universal shaper has a special type of table which can be swiveled and positioned at any angle about a horizontal axis. Apart from the cross and vertical travel, the table of a universal shaper can be swiveled to any angle to machine inclined surfaces. In the process, the position of the work in the table need not be changed. These machines are utilized in precision workshops.

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