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The material of the cutting tool used in a shaping machine should have more hardness and temper when compared to the material of the workpiece. So, the shaper tools are made of the following materials

  1. High Carbon Steel
  2. High Speed Steel
  3. Carbide tipped tool
  4. Stellite tool

Types of Shaper Tools

According to the type of work and the type of operation, various tools are used in a shaper. They are

Right hand ( R. H ) tool – This is a tool used for machining by moving the job from right to the left.

Left hand ( L. H ) tool – This is a tool used for machining by moving the job from left to right.

 Roughing tool – When it is required to remove a good amount of material from the workpiece, roughing tools are used. The cutting edge will be very thick, sharp and strong to withstand the cutting pressure and to dissipate the heat generated at the cutting point. The surface obtained will be very rough.

Quick Return Mechanism of Shaping Machine

Shaper Tools

Finishing tool – After the rough machining is performed, the finishing tool is used to obtain a very high quality of surface finish. The cutting edge will be either flat or slightly convex.

Goose neck tool – This is a special type of tool used for finish machining. Very good surface finish will be obtained. The cutting edge of goose neck tool has a springy action. The tip of the cutting edge lies in the same line with the rear side of the shank.

Slot cutting tool – Wide rectangular or square grooves are known as slots. Rough machining of the slot is carried out using round nose tool. After that, a slot cutting tool is used for finish machining work.

T-slot cutting tool – The central rectangular (or square) slot is first machined using rough machining tool and then by using parting tool (or slot cutting tool).After that, a T-slot cutting tool is used to machine underneath the rectangular groove.

Swivel Toolhead of Shaper

Form tool – Form tools are made to suit some specific requirements for machining V shaped grooves or similar special shaped grooves in concave or convex form.

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