By | April 6, 2015

Tool and cutter grinders are used mainly to sharpen the cutting edges of various tools and cutters. The can also do surface, cylindrical and internal grinding to finish jigs, fixtures, dies and gauges.

Base – The base of the machine gives rigidity and stability to the machine. It is bolted rigidly to the floor of the shop by bolts and nuts. It supports all the other parts of the machine. It is box type and houses all the mechanisms for the saddle movements.

Saddle – The saddle is mounted directly on the top of the base and slides over it. The column is mounted on the saddle. It can be moved up and down and swivelled to either side.

Table – The table resets and moves on a top base, which is mounted over the saddle. The table has two layers. The worktable is mounted on the sub table which has ‘T’ slots for mounting the work and attachments used on the machine. The worktable can be swiveled while grinding tapers.

Standard Milling Cutters

Headstock and Tailstock – The headstock and tailstock are mounted on either side of the table. The workpieces are positioned between centres and driven exactly as in a cylindrical grinder.

Wheelhead – The wheelhead is mounted on a column on the back of the machine. It can be swiveled and positioned in the base for different set-up. A straight wheel and a cup wheel are mounted on either sides of the wheelhead.

Tool and Cutter Grinder

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