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Safety Precautions for Welding

We make use of electrical devices and inflammable gases like oxygen and acetylene in welding. If proper care is not shown in handling them, there is always a possibility of accidents taking place. So,welding process should be carried out with due safety…Read More »

Classification of Welding Processes

Arc welding Carbon arc welding Metal inert gas welding Tungsten inert gas welding Atomic hydrogen welding Plasma arc welding Submerged arc welding Electro slag welding Gas welding Oxy-acetylene welding Air-acetylene welding Oxy hydrogen welding Resistance welding Butt welding Spot welding Seam welding…Read More »

Methods of Welding

Welding can be defined as the process of joining two metal parts by applying heat . In industry, welding process is primarily used for fabricating works. Welding is useful in making permanent joints. It can be performed by applying or not applying…Read More »