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Tool Holding Devices in Drilling Machine

Different tools are used for performing different operations. They are fitted into the drill spindle by different methods. They are By directly fitting in the spindle By a sleeve By a socket By a chuck Tapping attachment Spindle Almost all drilling machines…Read More »

Introduction and Main Parts of Lathe Machine

Lathe is considered as one of the oldest machine tools and is widely used in industries. It is called as mother of machine tools. It is said that the first screw cutting lathe was developed by an Englishman named Henry Maudslay in…Read More »

Types of Lathe Machine

Types of lathe machine Various designs and constructions of lathe have been developed to suit different machining conditions and usage. The following are the different types of lathe:- 1. Speed lathe machine Woodworking lathe machine Centering lathe machine Polishing lathe machine Metal…Read More »