Tag: Science Behind It

Wavelengths of light

Objective: To learn about the wavelengths of light produced by the sun and the electromagnetic spectrum. Standards: Objects in the Sky (sky object properties; why is the sun important?), Origin and Evolution of the Universe (how stars produce energy and the formation of all elements),…Read More »

What are the properties of warm air?

Objective: To demonstrate the properties of air when it is warmed. Standards: Structure of the Earth System (atmospheric composition and properties at different elevations), Energy in the Earth System (heating of Earth’s surface and atmosphere drives weather and ocean currents; convective circulation), Properties of Objects…Read More »

Air pressure and its effects

Objective: To demonstrate air pressure and its effects and influences on surrounding materials. Standards: Structure of Earth System (atmospheric composition and properties at different elevations) and Structure and Properties of Matter (properties of solids, liquids, and gases). Materials: large index card, glass or cup, and…Read More »

Earthquakes are tot your fault

Objective: To demonstrate a dip – slip and strike – slip fault movement. Standards: Structure of the Earth System (plate tectonics and its relation to volcanoes, mountain building, and earthquakes). Materials: three similarly sized hardcover books Procedure: (1) Hold the three books firmly…Read More »