Tag: Feed and Depth of Cut on Drilling Machine

Drilling Machine Operating Safety Precautions

It is necessary that no damage is done to the operator, the machine tool and the cutting tool. To ensure this, the following points are to be remembered. The work should not be held by hand in any case. Proper work holding device…Read More »

Cutting Speed, Feed & Depth of Cut on Drilling Machine

Cutting Speed Speed in general refers to the distance a point travels in a particular period of time. The cutting speed in a drilling operation refers to the peripheral speed of a point on the cutting edge of the drill. It is usually…Read More »

Drilling Machine Operations

Though drilling is the primary operation performed in a drilling machine, a number of similar operations are also performed on holes using different tools.The different operations that can be performed in a drilling machine are: Drilling Reaming Boring Counterboring Countersinking Spot facing…Read More »

Tool Holding Devices in Drilling Machine

Different tools are used for performing different operations. They are fitted into the drill spindle by different methods. They are By directly fitting in the spindle By a sleeve By a socket By a chuck Tapping attachment Spindle Almost all drilling machines…Read More »

Nomenclature of Twist Drill

Axis – It is the longitudinal centerline of the drill running through the centres of the tang and the chisel edge.  Body – It is the part of the drill from its extreme point to the commencement of the neck, if present. Otherwise, it is…Read More »

Tools Used in a Drilling Machine

Different tools are used for performing different types of operations. The most commonly used tools in a drilling machine are Drill Reamer Counterbore Countersink Tap Drill A drill is a tool used to originate a hole in a solid material. A helical…Read More »

Work Holding Devices in Drilling Machine

The work should be held firmly on the machine table before performing any operation on it. As the drill exerts very high quantity of torque while rotating, the work should not be held by hand. If the workpiece is not held by…Read More »

Drill Spindle Assembly

The drill spindle is a vertical shaft, which holds the drill. A long keyway is cut on the spindle and a sliding key connects it with a bevel gear or a stepped cone pulley. It receives motion from the driving motor. The…Read More »

Size of a Drilling Machine

Drilling machines are specified according to their type. A portable drilling machine is specified by the maximum diameter of the drill that it can handle. The size of the sensitive and upright drilling machines are specified by the size of the largest…Read More »

Construction of a Drilling Machine

The basic parts of a drilling machine are a base, column, drillhead and spindle. The base made of cast iron may rest on a bench, pedestal or floor depending upon the design. Larger and heavy duty machines are grounded on the floor.…Read More »