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It’s All About the Receptors, Baby!

The problem about being a tourist in the world of endocrinology and molecular biology is that some of the finer points of the science can be beyond us. However, Echo takes great pride in being able to sift through and break down…Read More »

Your Therapist Didn’t Heal You

One of the biggest shifts when acquiring a trauma-informed lens is to realize that there is no therapist, guru, healer, fantasy rescuer or parental stand-in who can heal you from trauma. The old paradigm was that someone, an expert, would perhaps hand…Read More »

Righting the Wrongs?

Sometimes the world feels like an overwhelming place. There is so much pain, so much injustice and we can feel powerless to stop it. I am sure many of you have felt that way hearing stories of children separated from their parents…Read More »

We love science!

Download Infographic We love science at Echo. In our Trauma & Resiliency trainings (Part I & II) we get into the science about the impact of trauma, including the changes that happen to the various systems of the body. It is a…Read More »

When Being Trauma-Informed Is Not Enough

Download Infographic Trauma-informed care is the new gold standard. For the last several years, Echo has been providing professional development in trauma-informed care but we’re beginning to notice a worrying aspect of the new push to train staff and transform systems. Some…Read More »

How to Survive Trauma Reminders

(Download PDF) With the Harvey Weinstein trial underway, once again the news coverage is bound to churn up emotions for sexual assault survivors as it did during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in 2018. During that time, many of the women around…Read More »