By | September 12, 2015

I was new to Windows 10 when I accidentally switched to Tablet Mode without my knowledge and suddenly I did not find my desktop. There is no desktop in front of me and no icons of desktop appear before me. No taskbar menu also available too. So, I just got puzzled that what happened to my PC. Becausae I was not knowing that I had activated the Tablet Mode since I had not done it with my knowledge. It just happened accidentally.

You will this window when ou have tablet mode

After few seconds I got access to the taskbar icons by going to taskbar and right click on it and selecting “show app icons”

show app icons

Then you can visit anything you like easily. If you are an expert, you need not to be worried for anything. Since I am a noob, it was really harassing for me. Now it seemed everything fine for me. But finding desktop through file explorer was a tiresome job. Every time I want to visit desktop, I had to open file explorer and then access desktop apps.

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So, I searched internet for the solution but was unable to find a single guide. There might be a reason that, I might not be putting exact search term as it should be for the issue. Any how, I tried to tweak my pc by myself and see what happened to it as everything was fine few minutes before. If something happened, it is me who did it. So, this time I looked for the reason what happened.

Then I visited some settings to find where did the change mad which hide my desktop. Then I find one option highlighted as shown in the image below.tablet mode option

There you can see that the Tablet Mode is active. Now you just need to click on it to disable it and your desktop which has gone away is once again in front of you.

Like this I got back my desktop and then  I just laughed at myself how stupid I have been for last 5 minutes or so.

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Hope you do not be a stupid like me anymore and this help you.

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