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A DP offshore vessel, in this case a drilling rig as illustrated in figure below, may comprise the following sub-systems:

  • Power system.
  • Marine control or automation system.
  • Positioning systems comprise dynamic positioning (DP) system for automatic station keep- ing and low speed maneuvering of free floating vessels or thruster assisted position mooring (PM) system for anchored v Sensors and position reference systems. Hardware, soft- ware and sensors to supply information and/or corrections necessary to give e.g. accurate vessel motion, position and heading measurements.
  • Automatic sailing system and nautical system including autopilot, radar, automatic identification system (AIS), and GPS for automatic course keeping and course changing for transit ope
  • Joystick system for manual control of the thruster system for positioning of the vessel in surge, sway and yaw/heading. Often automatic heading control function is One should notice that the operator does not control each thruster individually. The operator command a desired thrust in surge, sway and yaw. Then the thruster allocation algorithm map the desired thrust in surge, sway and yaw to individual thrust set-points of the enabled thruster.
  • Manual thruster control system includes individual control of each
  • Propulsion and thruster system involves all components and systems necessary to supply a vessel with thrust for dynamic positioning, maneuvering.
  • Equipment packages and systems for g. drilling, offloading, crane operations, oil and gas production.
  • Mooring system (applicable for moored vessels only). Generally, a mooring system consists of lines connected to the structure and horizontally spread out in a certain At the seabed the lines are connected to anchors. Spread mooring systems are used both for semi-submersibles and turret-anchored ships. In the latter case the anchor lines are connected to a turret on the ship, which can be rotated relative to the ship. The number of anchor lines may vary, typically from 6 to 12. The length of the anchor lines are adjusted by winches and determines the pretension and thus the stiffness of the mooring system.
  • Safety systems.
  • Auxiliary systems, such at heating, ventilation and air condition (HVAC), water cooling, hydraulic systems, etc.
What is Marine control system?

sub-systems of drilling rig

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