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The length of the stroke is calculated to be nearly 30mm longer than the work. The position of stroke is so adjusted that the tool starts to move from a distance of 25mm before the beginning of the cut and continues to move 5mm after the end of the cut. An example as shown in below figure, the length of the work is 100mm. The strokelength of the ram is calculated to be 130mm. (25+100+5).

strokelength calculation

Adjusting the Strokelength

The crank pin fastened to the sliding block can be adjusted by a lever placed outside the column. Through the bevel gears placed at the centre of the bull gear, the radial slide lead screw can be rotated. This rotation of leadscrew changes the position of the sliding block to move towards or away from the bull gear centre. The strokelength of the ram is adjusted by placing the sliding block at a required position from the centre of the bull gear.

Main Parts of Shaping Machine

Note : The strokelength of the ram and its position should not be adjusted when the machine is in operation. The machine should be stopped before these adjustments are made.

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