By | April 6, 2015

The Indian standard marking system for grinding wheels has been prepared with a view of establishing a uniform system of marking of grinding wheels to designate their various characteristics.

Prefix                                                Manufacturer’s abrasive type symbol

First element (letter)                     Type of abrasive

Second element (number)           Size of abrasive

Third element (letter)                   Grade of bond

Fourth element (number)            Structure of the grinding wheel

Fifth element (letter)                    Type of bond

Suffix                                               Manufacturer’s symbol

The meaning of the given marking on a grinding wheel

w      A        54     M      7         V     20

w   –     Manufacturer’s abrasive type symbol

Grain Size, Grade and Structure of Grinding Wheel

A  –    Type of abrasive                                   – Aluminium oxide

54 –    Size of abrasive                                   – Medium

M  –    Grade of bond                                    – Medium

7    –    Structure of the grinding wheel      – Dense

V  –  Type of bond                                          – Vitrified

20  –  Manufacturer’s symbol

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