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Some of the common soldering defects are discussed below :

  • Granular formation at the surface of the joint of solder is one of the common soldering
  • Formation of spheroids at the surface of soldering joint is also similar This happen due to under heating or over heating of solder iron, insufficient use of flux. Formation of spheroids make the joint ugly and week in strength.
  • Improper or uneven application of flux may make the joint of weaker
  • Proper coordination between flux application and soldering makes the joint of good


  • Keep solder iron always on its
  • All electrically operated instruments/equipment should have proper
  • Sometimes emission of (smoke) soldering operation may be poisonous due to a particular type of Operator should have protection from the same.
  • Flux should be applied gradually while
  • While diluting HCl, water should not be added to HCl but HCl should be mixed into the water drop by drop, to avoid
  • Work place should have enough ventilation and smoking should be strictly prohibited during the Work place should have the facility of first aid.
  • It should be noted down good quality surface preparation always contributes to good quality
Safety Precautions for Welding

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