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Safety Precautions Regarding Operators

  1. No alteration or adjustment should be done on the machine parts while the machine is
  2. Clamps holding the work should not be adjusted while the machine is in
  3. The machine is to be stopped before cleaning the metal
  4. The sharp edges of the work should be handled with
  5. The measuring of the work should be done only after the machine is switched
  6. The operator should not seek the assistance of others for starting and stopping the
  7. Machining of precise parts and internal surfaces of the workpiece are to be carried out with great care and
  8. The operator should stay away from direction of the ram

Safety Hints Regarding the Shaping Machine

  1. The workpiece is to be positioned in such a way that the ram will not hit the workpiece while performing the forward
  2. Strokelength of the ram and the position of stroke are to be set correctly before performing the
  3. Proper holding of the work should be Work holding devices like clamps and vice jaws should not come in the way of the reciprocating tool.
  4. We have to ensure that the tool or the tool post or the ram will not hit the job or the job holding clamps or the vise
  5. The machine should be stopped before making any adjustment to the strokelength, position of stroke, apron and tool
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