By | April 8, 2015

Before operating the milling machine, the operator should know how to operate various controls of the machine. It should be ensured that the workpiece is held rigidly on the milling machine table. The cutter should not be in contact with the work even before the machining is commenced. The spindle speed of the machine should not be altered when the machine is in operation. When the power of the machine is ‘ON’, the arbor nut should not be removed or tightened. The operator should keep his body away from the rotating cutter. No steps should be taken to measure the workpiece while the cutter is cutting or revolving near the workpiece. When the machine is in operation, safety guards should be placed in their positions to prevent coolant and metal chips from spilling out.

The metal chips should be removed with suitable brushes and not with bare hands. The operator should seek assistance from others while handling special attachments and heavy workpieces. The operator should always be present in person at the machine tool when the machine is in operation.

Vertical Milling Machine

The machine tool should always be started and stopped by the operator himself. Dangers can be averted by handling the cutters with sharp cutting edges with great care. The machine tool should be kept clean. Milling cutters and measuring instruments should not be placed on the machine.

The attention of the operator should always be focussed on the task only. When troubles happen in the machine, they should be corrected with the assistance of proper technicians. In general, safety should be ensured to the operator, the workpiece and the cutting tool.

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