By | April 14, 2015

The main objective of planned maintenance program is to increase the production by keeping the machine tools always ready in good condition. It is done by keeping the machine tools to perform all the activities correctly with the required accuracy at desired speed with full safety protection.

The planned maintenance program is to be prepared and executed as follows.

1. When a new machine tool arrives to the machine shop or the existing machine tools are to be replaced, it is required to install the machine tools properly, level and align them correctly and connect them to the electrical terminals safely.

2. If errors are found in the dimensional accuracy, the errors should be recorded and analysed whether the machine is in bad condition.

3. It is necessary to plan and get ready the materials, spares and tools required for the maintenance in advance so that the maintenance work is carried out in time.

4. The operators and supervisors should know the importance of the cutting speed, feed data of the machine tools.

Types of Maintenance Carried Out for Machine Tools

5. Emergency repair works should be done without any delay in the case of breakdown of any of the machine tools.

6. The machine should be overhauled if the working efficiency of the machine tool goes below a particular level.

7. If the machine tools become very old and not performing to the desired level, it has to be dismantled completely and worn out parts should be replaced to bring it to the normal working condition.

8. The following details should be prepared and made as charts : the layout plan of the shop, the size and specification of the machine tools and the parts to be lubricated. The manuals and the list of spare parts of all the machine tools are also to be kept ready.

9. Annual budget for the maintenance work should be prepared atleast six months or one year in advance.

Materials and Instruments Needed for Carrying Out Maintenance

1. Steel rule
2. Try-square
3. Calipers
4. Micrometer
5. Vernier calipers
6. Gauges
7. Vice
8. Files
9. Tap & Die
10. Spanner set
11. Hammers
12. Screw drivers
13. Wrenches
14. Hacksaw frame & blades
15. Lubricating devices
16. Emery sheets
17. Scraper

The Objective of ‘Maintenance’