By | August 27, 2015

It has been a tiresome job for parents for decades to take a note of actions on the PCs and laptops of their kids. Parents always wanted to keep a watch over the internet usages and other PC usage of their children and most of the time they were interested in using some softwares to keep a watch. K9 parental control software has been a great support in this regard. Apart from many other softwares available for this reason, there has been always a requirement of such a system in the PC itself to monitor kids behavior on PC activities. Now it has come up with Windows 10 and the wait has come to a halt. When it is a good tool for the parents, at the same time it is a threat for the grown up children thinking it may fail to protect privacy. Still there are so many discussions going on about this.

The purpose of this article was not to discuss about the good and bad of this feature, rather help you set up the parental control in Windows 10 who need this to set up and keep a watch over the PC usage by their children.

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Parental Control or Family Safety provides a website and a free program that you install on the PCs your kid’s use, so you can give them some independence but still keep tabs on their activities. Family Safety can also help keep your kids off websites you don’t want them looking at, and only let them talk to the people you’re okay with them talking to.

To set up family safety on your Windows 10 PC, you have to click on Settings and then select Accounts. Now click on Family and Other users option from the left pane and click on Add a family member. Then choose child account.

To know more about the Family Safety, click on the option Learn more below the option Add a family member.

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