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Great care must be taken in mounting the grinding wheels on the spindle because of high cutting speeds. The following points are important in connection with mounting of grinding wheel.

Mounting of a Grinding Wheel

  1. All wheels should be inspected before mounting to make sure that they have not been The wheel is put on an arbor and is subjected to slight hammer blows. A clear, ringing, vibrating sound must be heard.
  2. The wheel should not be forced on and they should have an easy fit on the spindle.
  3. The hole of grinding wheel is mostly lined with The lead liner bushes should not project beyond the side of wheels.
  4. There must be a flange on each side of the The flange must be large enough to hold the wheel properly, at least the flange diameter must be equal to the half of the grinding wheel diameter. Both the flanges should be of same diameter.
  5. The sides of the wheel and the flanges should be Flanges contact the wheel only with the annular clamping area.
  6. Washers of compressible materials such as cardboard, leather, rubber , not over 1.5 mm thick should be fitted between the wheel and its flanges. The diameter of washers may be normally equal to the diameter of the flanges.
  7. The inner flange should be keyed to the spindle, whereas the outer flange should have an easy sliding fit on the spindle so that it can adjust itself tightly to give a uniform bearing on the wheel and the compressible washers.
  8. The nut should be tightened to hold the wheel firmly. Undue tightness is unnecessary and undesirable as excessive clamping strain is liable to damage the wheel.
  9. The wheel guard should be placed and tightened before the machine is started.
  10. After mounting the wheel, the machine is The grinding wheel should be allowed to idle for a period of about 10 to 15 minutes. Grinding wheels must be dressed and trued before any work can be started.
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