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The milling machine attachments are intended for the purpose of developing the range of operations, versatility, production capacity and accuracy of machining process. The different milling machine attachments are:

  • Vertical milling attachment
  • Universal milling attachment
  • High speed milling attachment
  • Slotting attachment
  • Rotary table attachment
  • Indexing head attachment

Vertical Milling Attachment

A horizontal milling machine is converted into a vertical milling machine by the vertical milling attachment. Vertical milling attachment is mounted on the face of the column of the horizontal milling machine. The attachment along with the spindle can be swiveled to any angle for machining angular surfaces.

Universal Milling Attachment

By having the universal milling attachment, the spindle of the machine can be swiveled about two perpendicular axes. This arrangement permits the spindle axis to be swiveled at practically any angle to machine any angular surface of the work. This attachment is supported to the over arm to operate it at higher spindle speeds.

Cutter Holding Devices

High Speed Milling Attachment

This attachment is used to increase the regular spindle speeds by four to six times. Milling cutters of smaller diameters are operated efficiently at higher cutting speeds. This attachment is bolted to the face of the column and enables the cutter to be operated at speeds beyond the scope of the machine.

Slotting Attachment

The rotary movement of the spindle is converted into reciprocating movement of the ram by a crank arrangement. This attachment makes the milling machine to be converted into a slotting machine by accepting a single point slotting tool. The tool is mounted on the ram and used for cutting internal or external keyways, splines etc., It can also be swiveled to machine angular surfaces.

Rotary Table Attachment

It is a special device bolted on top of the machine table to provide rotary motion to the workpiece in addition to the longitudinal, cross and vertical movements of the table. It consists of a circular table provided with ‘T’ – slots mounted on a graduated base. The driving mechanism of this attachment is made possible by a worm and worm gear.

Safety Precautions of Milling Machine

Indexing Head Attachment

It is a special work holding device used for dividing the periphery of the work into any number of equal divisions. The work is held in a chuck of the dividing head spindle or supported between centers. It is also used in shaping machines and slotting machines. While machining gears, spirals, clutches and ratchets, this dividing head is used to divide the circumference of the work into any number of equal parts.

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