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The different methods of lubrication are
1. Ring lubrication
2. Wick lubrication
3. Splash lubrication
4. Grease lubrication

Ring Lubrication

The method of ring lubrication involves a ring hanging from down the rotating shaft. The bottom portion of the ring is immersed in the oil container. When the shaft starts rotating, the ring also rotates. While the ring rotates, it carries a small amount of oil and the oil is spread into the bearing and the shaft.

Ring Lubrication

Wick Lubrication

Wick lubrication is a method in which the wick along with a flexible thin piece of metal is used. A container having oil is placed above the bearing. The wick connects the container and the part to be lubricated. This lubrication enables the oil to flow from the container to the required place.

Wick Lubrication

Splash Lubrication

The rotating part of the machine itself is made to be immersed in the oil container. When the part starts rotating, the oil is splashed and the moving parts are lubricated. Bearings are generally lubricated by this method. Little spoons are attached to the rotating parts to get more quantity of oil to the part to be lubricated.

Nomenclature of Screw Thread

Grease Lubrication

Grease lubrication is done with the help of grease guns. Another way of doing it simply is to fill a container with grease and the container is connected to the parts to be lubricated by means of a small tube. When a screw is screwed into the container, a good amount of grease is taken to the required place.

Grease Gun

Lubricating oil and grease are manufactured under several trade names by the Indian oil companies. Suitable lubricants are used for specific purposes.