By | April 5, 2015

The work is held firmly on the table and the ram is allowed to reciprocate over it. A single point cutting tool is attached to the ram. When the ram moves horizontally in the forward direction, the tool removes metal from the work. On the return stroke, metal is not removed. The ram moves at a slow speed during forward stroke. But during return stroke, the ram moves at a faster speed. Though the distances of ram movement during the forward and return stroke remain the same, the time taken by the return stroke is less as it is faster. It is possible by ‘Quick return mechanism’.

In a shaping machine, a flat horizontal surface is machined by moving the work mounted on the table in a cross direction to the tool movement. When vertical surfaces are machined, the feed is given to the tool.

When a inclined surface is machined, the vertical slide of the toolhead is swiveled to the required angle and the feed is given to the tool by rotating the downfeed hand wheel.

Setting of Shaper Table, Vise and Toolhead

shaping machine

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