By | April 1, 2015

The size of a lathe machine is specified by the following points:-

  1. The length of the bed
  2. Maximum distance between live and dead
  3. The height of centres from the bed
  4. The swing diameter

The swing diameter over bed – It refers to the largest diameter of the work that will be rotated without touching the bed

The swing diameter over carriage – It is the largest diameter of the work that will revolve over the saddle.

  1. The bore diameter of the spindle
  2. The width of the bed
  3. The type of the bed
  4. Pitch value of the lead screw
  5. Horse power of the motor
  6. Number and range of spindle speeds
  7. Number of feeds
  8. Spindle nose diameter
  9. Floor space required
  10. The type of the machine
How a Lathe is Constructed?

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