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Office Word 2007 provides editing and reviewing tools for creating polished documents more easily than ever before.

Spend more time writing, less time formatting

A new, results-oriented interface presents tools to you when you need them, in a clear and organized fashion:

  • Save time and get more out of the powerful Word capabilities by selecting from galleries of predefined styles, table formats, list formats, graphical effects, and more.
  • Word eliminates the guesswork when you apply formatting to your document. The galleries of formatting choices give you a live visual preview of the formatting in your document before you commit to making a change.

Add preformatted elements with just a few clicks

Office Word 2007 introduces building blocks for adding preformatted content to your documents:

  • When you are working on a document from a particular template type, such as a report, you can select from a gallery of preformatted cover pages, pull quotes, and headers and footers to make your document look more polished.
  • If you want to customize the preformatted content, or if your organization often uses the same piece of content, such as legal disclaimer text or customer contact information, you can create your own building blocks that you select from the gallery with a single click.
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Communicate more effectively with high-impact graphics

New charting and diagramming features include three-dimensional shapes, transparency, drop shadows, and other effects.

Instantly apply a new look and feel to your documents

When your company updates its look, you can instantly follow suit in your documents. By using Quick Styles and Document Themes, you can quickly change the appearance of text, tables, and graphics throughout your document to match your preferred style or color scheme.

Easily avoid spelling errors

The following are some new features of the spelling checker:

  • The spelling checker has been made more consistent across the 2007 Microsoft Office system programs. Examples of this change include:
    • Several spelling checker options are now global. If you change one of these options in one Office program, that option is also changed for all the other Office programs. For more information, see Change the way spelling and grammar checking work.
    • In addition to sharing the same custom dictionaries, all programs can manage them using the same dialog box.
  • The 2007 Microsoft Office system spelling checker includes the post-reform French dictionary. In Microsoft Office 2003, this was an add-in that had to be separately installed.
  • An exclusion dictionary is automatically created for a language the first time that language is used. Exclusion dictionaries let you force the spelling checker flag words you want to avoid using. They are handy for avoiding words that are obscene or that don’t match your style guide.
  • The spelling checker can find and flag some contextual spelling errors. Have you ever typed a mistake similar to the following? I will see you their. In Office Word 2007, you can enable the Use contextual spelling option to get help with finding and fixing this type of mistake. This option is available when checking the spelling of documents in English, German or Spanish.
  • You can disable spelling and grammar checking for a document or for all documents you create.
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