By | July 12, 2015

Since I told you in my previous article that I had installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit, when I checked my activation status, it shown me 3 days left to activate. I was shocked to see this. Generally it is 28 days activation period, but in this case it is just 3 days for me. By this time, in ignorance, I had already transferred all my data from my laptop to my desktop and installed some important softwares including antivirus.

Then I used the Windows Activator I had with me, but when I opened the activator, it show a warning in red color, “Unidentified partition type.” Which meant, this activator can not activate my window. Then I used some free keys and none of the key activated my windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

Again I started searching on internet how can I activate my window. Read many forums. Finally I was satisfied with the answer that, Windows 7 Ultimate can not be activated in GPT partition. Some guided to use WatRemover software and some said to use some commands to increase the time limit of trial period. But none of the method not worked in my case. But in one guide it was said that the Microsoft Tool Kit can activate Windows 8 and some other versions of Windows 7 (Professional, Business etc.).

Switch Between Tablet Mode or Desktop Mode in Windows 10

This was a frustrating time for me to go for formatting my system again and start the complete process once again. I was having Windows 8.1 with me and I started making ISO image file and again made a Bootable USB drive (How to do this please see my previous guide here). Then I installed Windows 8.1. When I checked the activation status, it was showing Windows not activated. Then I first tried with Windows Activator and the result was as earlier “Unidentified partition type”. Then i thought to give a try to Microsoft Tool Kit. Then I got the message that, windows is activated in “Microsoft Tool Kit” message bar. But when I checked, it was still unactivated.

I just thought to give a restart to my system and see the status again. Since I tried too many things and most of them were unsuccess, I was not very much sure that it is a success. But to check it, I restarted the PC and happy to see that Windows is activated.

Parental Control Set Up Instructions in Windows 10

But this time I noticed another water mark message at the right bottom corner of my desktop.

Windows 8.1 Pro

SecureBoot is not configured correctly

Build 9600

This was the message.

With a YouTube video guide I was able to remove the warning. here is the video link for you.

You can thank him for the nice guide.