By | May 24, 2015

Objective: To demonstrate how rocks inside the earth can be changed due to heat, pressure and folding.

Standards: Structure of the Earth System (layering and properties of earth’s internal structure; the rock cycle) and Transfer of Energy (energy types, characteristics, and transfer properties).

Materials: wire coat hanger and candle


(1) In preparation to this experiment, unhook or cut the wire coat hanger apart.

(2) Bend one section of the hanger rapidly back and forth (in the same section) approximately 30 – 50 times.

(3) Quickly place the bent section against the candle while being careful not to touch the bent section.

Science Behind It: Bending the hanger produced heat energy which when placed against the candle, caused some grooves or ridges to appear in the wax. This process is related to how metamorphic rocks are formed. Deep within the earth, these types of rocks are formed by the constant folding of the earth which produces heat and changes the composition of the rocks.

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