By | July 28, 2015

Acetylene Gas Cylinder – It is a steel container used to store high pressure acetylene gas safely in dissolved state for gas welding or cutting purpose.

The acetylene gas cylinder is made from seamless drawn steel tube or welded steel container and tested with water pressure of 100 kg/cm2 (1400 PSI).The cylinder top is fitted with a high pressure valve made from high quality forged bronze. The cylinder valve outlet socket fitting has standard left hand threads, to which acetylene pressure regulator is fitted. The cylinder valve is also fitted with a steel spindle to operate the valve for opening and closing. A steel cap is screwed over the valve to protect it from damage during transportation. The body of the cylinder is painted maroon and the valves are screwed left handed; to make this easily recognisable thea are chamfered or grooved. The capacity of the dissolve acetylene cylinder may be 3.5 m3– 8.5 m3.

The base of the cylinder is fitted with a safety valve which will melt at a temperature of approx.100º C. In case the cylinder is subjected to high temperature, the safety valve will melt and allow the gas to escape, before the pressure increase enough to harm or rapture the cylinder fuse plugs are also fitted on the top of the cylinder.

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Construction of Acetylene Cylinder

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