Gujarat University, stepping after the ‘gold decoration’ trick, has chosen to keep up twofold information passage framework to keep a beware of the credibility of understudies’ imprints records.

To battle the abnormalities in the imprints by outer offices prior this year, the varsity has reserved in educators to crosscheck the information.

As per daily paper reports, senior employees of the college will organize the imprints after which doled out outer office will set up the comparative sheet. The stride is being taken to keep a nearby mind any sort of falsification or altering.

This is the first run through when educators will keep up a record of imprints acquired by the understudies amid the season of assessment of the answer – sheet, so it can be contrasted and the record-sheets arranged by the offices.

In July this year, three workers of Shree Computers had supposedly swelled the imprints acquired by a couple of understudies, after which they won gold award in the college. The workers were, later, captured on the charges of trick. The varsity had boycotted the organization after the trick broke out.

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