By | April 6, 2015


It is the condition of the grinding wheel in which the cutting edges or the face of the wheel takes a glass-like appearance. Glazing takes place if the wheel is rotated at very high speeds and is made with harder bonds. Rotating the wheel at lesser speeds and using soft bonds are the remedies. The glazed wheels are dressed to have fresh, sharp cutting edges.


The wheel is loaded if the particles of the metal being ground adhere to the wheel. The openings or pores of the wheel face are filled up with the metal. It is caused by grinding a softer material or by using a very hard bonded wheels and running it very slowly. It may also take place if very deep cuts are taken by not using the right type of coolant.


The wavy pattern of crisscross lines are visible on the ground surface some times. This condition is known as chattering. It takes place when the spindle bearings are not fitted correctly and because of the imbalance of the grinding wheel.

Dressing and Truing of Grinding Wheels

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