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Electricity is a form of energy. It occupies an important place in our daily activities – in life and business. One cannot see electricity but can feel the effects of it. One should not have a direct contact with it as it may cause damages.

Electricity is being used for everything – from providing light and other facilities to our household to latest space research. The contributions made by American scientists like Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Alwa Edison and Michael Faraday of England are immeasurable.


A motor is a device used to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Differ- ent types of motors are used according to their usage and the place in which they are used.

Types of Motors

  • C. Motor
  • C. Motor
    1. Three phase induction motor
      1. Squirrel cage induction motor
      2. Slip ring induction motor
    2. Single phase induction motor
      1. Split phase induction motor
      2. Capacitor induction motor
      3. Repulsion motor
      4. Shaded pole motor

Three Phase Induction Motors – The Principle of Working

How a Lathe is Constructed?

When a three phase supply is supplied to three phase windings placed 120° apart inside the stator of an induction motor, a constant rotating magnetic field is induced.

It induces e.m.f in the conductors of the rotor known as armature. According to Lens’ law, we know that when an e.m.f. is induced in a circuit electromagnetically, the current set up always opposes the motion or change in the current which produces it.

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