It is necessary that no damage is done to the operator, the machine tool and the cutting tool. To ensure this, the following points are to be remembered.

  1. The work should not be held by hand in any case.
  1. Proper work holding device should be used to hold the If the work is not held properly, the work tends to rotate along with the drill causing damage to the operator, the machine tool and the cutting tool.
  1. The shank of the drill should be cleaned before it is fitted into the The dirt on the shank may make the drill not to have a proper fit into the spindle. This will lead to breakage of drill.
  1. The taper hole of the spindle should also be cleaned.
  1. The shank of the drill should conform with the spindle hole.
  1. Cutting speed and feed should be selected according to the prescribed range.
  1. Care should be taken to ensure whether the belt and gears are connected properly.
  1. Proper safety plates should be installed around rotating parts like belt drive and gears.
  1. The operator should wear safety goggles while operating the drilling machine.
  1. The machine should be disconnected from electric terminals when repairs are In general, we should ensure the proper functioning of the machine tool.

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