By | April 11, 2015
DC Welding Generator AC Welding Transformer
1.         Low efficiency 1.         The efficiency is high
2.         High power cost 2.         The cost for the power is low
3.         The cost of the machine (equipment) is high 3.         Low machine cost
4.         Runs on low voltage 4.         High voltage is necessary
5.         Safe equipment 5.         The chances of accidents is high
6.         Uncoated electrodes may be used 6.         Only flux coated electrodes are used
7.          Joints are made with ferrous and non- ferrous metal parts 7.         Non-ferrous metal parts cannot be joined
8.         Work is connected to the positive terminal (+) and the electrode is connected to the negative terminal (-) 8.         No restriction in the direction of power supply connection
9.         Noisy functioning 9.         No noise during operation
10.      Easy maintenance of equipments 10.     Requires proper maintenance
11.      The cost of the process is low 11.     High process cost
12.      Thin metal parts can easily be welded 12.     Difficult to weld thin parts
Specification, Types and Selection of Electrodes

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