By | April 9, 2015

Centrifugal Pump

Reciprocating Pump

1.        Handles high volumes of liquid. 1.       Handles less volumes of liquid.
2.        Practically handles all types of liquid – oil, sewage, chemicals, paper pulp, jaggery and liquids of high viscosity. 2.         Used for pumping pure liquids and liquids with low viscosity
3.         Rotates at higher speeds 3.           Moves at a slow speed.
4.         Not provided with suction valve and delivery valve. 4.           Provided  with  suction  valve  and delivery valve.
5.        The discharge of liquid is contiguous. 5.       The discharge is pulsating.
6.        Less maintenance cost. 6.       High maintenance cost.
7.        Less weight. 7.       The weight is relatively high.
8.         Occupies less space. 8.       Requires more space.
9.        Consists of few simple parts. 9.       Complicated parts.
10.     The efficiency is low. 10.  The efficiency is high.
Hydraulic Valves

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