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Turret lathe Capstan lathe
 1. Turret tool head is directly fitted on the saddle and both of them appear like one unit.2.  Saddle is moved to provide feed to the tool


3. It is difficult to move the saddle for feed


4. As the saddle can be moved along the entire length of the bed, it is suitable for longer workpieces


5.   To index the turret tool head, a clamping lever is released and the turret is rotated manually


6.  Limit dogs are used to control the distance of tool movement


7. Some turret lathes have the facility of moving the turret at right angles to the lathe axis


8. Heavy and sturdy


9.  Suitable for machining heavy and large workpieces


10. Machining can be done by providing more depth of cut and feed

 1.  Turret head is mounted on a slide called ram which is mounted on the saddle2. To provide feed to the tool, saddle is locked at a particular point and the ram is moved


3. It is easy to move the ram for feed


4.   As the movement of the ram is limited, it is suitable for machining shorter workpieces only


5.  When the handwheel for the ram is reversed, the turret tool head is indexed automatically


6.   To control the distance of tool movement, feed stop screws are provided at the rear side of the turret

7. No such facility



8. Lighter in construction


9. Only small and light workpieces are machined


10.  Only limited amount of feed and depth of cut are provided for machining

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