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Engine lathe Turret & Capstan lathe
 1. There is only one tool post2. Tailstock is located at the right side of the bed


3. Only one cutting tool can be held in the tailstock


4.   No  provision  to  control  the  tool movement (feed) automatically


5.    Only one tool can be put into machining at a time. Tools have to be set everytime according to the operation to be performed


6. Setting of tools will take more time


7.  A skilled operator is necessary to work on the machine                                                                                                                                                        ……………………………


8.  The machine has to be stopped to change the tool


9. The production cost is high


10. Motors with 3 to 5 HP are used

 1.  There are two tool posts – fourway tool post and rear tool post2. Tailstock is replaced by an hexagonal tool head called turret


3. A minimum of six tools can be held in the turret


4. Turret movement can be controlled automatically


5.  More tools can be set on the turret and each of them can be set at the work one by one automatically


6. Setting of cutting tool is easy


7. After the initial settings are made, a semi-skilled operator can operate the machine


8. Tools can be indexed even when the machine is on


9.  Production cost is reduced as the rate of production is more


10. Motors with 15 HP are used

Work Holding Devices Used in Lathe Machine

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