By | May 22, 2015

Objective: To stress and reinforce the importance of mineral structure.

Standards: Properties of Earth Materials (physical and chemical properties of rocks and minerals).

Materials: Sixteen Lego pieces of the same color and shape, two students.


(1) Give eight Lego blocks to a student on one side of the room and give the other eight to another student on the opposite side of the room.

(2) Instruct both students to build something with the Legos while not looking at each other. Provide some basic guidelines for the structures to be built so that the students do not construct something totally unrelated to mineral structure.

(3) When both students are done, show their creations to the rest of the class

Science Behind It: Things such as diamond and graphite are both made of carbon atoms yet they have totally different properties and characteristics. The reason why these two substances are different is because of their mineral structure; the way the carbon atoms are formed together. By having two students use the exact same materials and produce unique structures with them, you can reinforce the importance of mineral structure and the way substances are put together.

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