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Cylindrical grinders are generally used to grind external surfaces like cylinders, taper cylinders, faces and shoulders of work. There are two types of cylindrical grinding machines and they are

  1. External cylindrical grinding machines
  2. Internal cylindrical grinding machines

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

External Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Cylindrical centre type grinders are intended primarily for grinding plain cylindrical parts.

Base – The base is made of cast iron and rests on the floor. It supports the parts mounted on. The top of the base is accurately machined and provides guideways for the table to slide on. The base contains the table driving mechanisms.

Tables – The tables are mounted on top of the base. There are two tables namely lower table and upper table. The lower table slides on the guideways on the bed. It can be moved by hand or by power within required limits.

The upper table can be swiveled upto ±10o and clamped in position. Adjustable dogs are clamped in longitudinal slots at the side of the lower table. They are set up to reverse the table at the end of the stroke.

Work Holding Devices Used in Lathe Machine

Headstock – The headstock is situated at the left side of upper table. It supports the workpiece by means of a centre and drives it by means of a dog. It may hold and drive the workpiece in a chuck. It houses the mechanism meant for driving the work. The headstock of a universal grinding machine can be swiveled to any required angle.

Tailstock – The tailstock is situated at the right side of the table. It can be adjusted and clamped in various positions to accommodate different lengths of workpieces.

Wheelhead – The wheelhead may be moved at right angles to the table ways. It is operated by hand or by power to feed the wheel to the work.The wheelhead carries a grinding wheel.

Its driving motor is mounted on a slide at the top and rear of the base. The grinding wheel rotates at about 1500 to 2000 r.p.m.

Internal Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Internal grinders are useful in grinding cylindrical holes and taper holes.

Surface Finishing Processes of Grinding Machine

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