By | April 4, 2015

Cutting Speed

Speed in general refers to the distance a point travels in a particular period of time. The cutting speed in a drilling operation refers to the peripheral speed of a point on the cutting edge of the drill. It is usually expressed in meters per minute. The cutting speed (v) may be calculated as


The cutting speed of a drill depends, as in other machining processes, upon several factors like the cutting tool material, the kind of material being drilled, the quality of surface finish desired, the method of holding the work, the size, type and rigidity of the machine.


The feed of a drill is the distance the drill moves into the work at each revolution of the spindle. It is expressed in millimeters. The feed may also be expressed as feed per minute. The feed per minute may be defined as the axial distance moved by the drill into the work per minute. Feed depends upon factors like the material to be drilled, the rigidity of the machine, power, depth of the hole and the type of finish required.

Work Holding Devices in Drilling Machine

Depth of Cut

The depth of cut in drilling is equal to one half of the drill diameter. If ‘d’ is the diameter of the drill, the depth of cut (t) t = d/2 mm.

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