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Depending on the design of the cutter, there are several methods of supporting milling cutters on the machine spindle.

  1. Arbor
  2. Collet
  3. Adapter
  4. Screwed on Cutters


Milling cutters with central holes are mounted and keyed on a shaft called arbor. There are three different types of arbor namely Pilot end arbor, ‘A’ type arbor and stub arbor.

The arbors are made with taper shanks for correct alignment with the machine spindle. The left side of the arbor is threaded internally to receive a drawbolt. This drawbolt connects the arbor with the spindle. A long key way is cut on the entire length of the arbor. Cutters are mounted at desired positions on the arbor by placing spacing collars between them. The spindle rotation is transmitted to the arbor and the cutter is rotated.



It is a form of sleeve bushing used to hold arbors or cutters having a smaller shank than the spindle taper. Collets are connected to the spindle by a drawbolt and the rotary motion is transmitted to the cutters.

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Milling cutters having shanks are generally mounted on adapters. The outside taper of the adapter conforms to the taper hole of the spindle. The shank of the cutter fits into the taper hole of the adapter.


Screwed arbor

The small cutters having threaded holes at the center are held by screwed arbors. It has a threaded nose at one end and a taper shank at the other end. The shank of the arbor is mounted on the spindle.

Screwed arbor

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