Speed up the melting process of ice with the help of a little pressure. Cut a piece of ice in half like magic while learning how the process relates to ice skating.

What you’ll need:

  • One ice cube
  • A piece of fishing line with a weight (the heavier the better) tied to each end
  • A container
  • Some kind of tray to keep things from getting wet


1. Turn the container upside down and put it on the tray.
2. Place the ice cube on top of the upside down container.
3. Rest the fishing line over the ice cube so that the weights are left dangling over the side of the container.
4. Watch it for around 5 minutes.

What’s happening?

The pressure from the two weights pulls the string through the ice cube by melting the ice directly under the fishing line. This is similar to ice skating where the blades of a skater melt the ice directly underneath, allowing the skater to move smoothly on a thin layer of water.

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  1. Will the ice melt and overflow?
    At first thought you might think that an ice cube sitting at the very top of a glass would eventually melt and spill over the sides but is that what really happens ?Experiment and find out! What you’ll need: A clear glass warm water an ice cube.

    Make a big dry ice bubble

    Have fun making dry ice bubble that will grow and grow as it fills with fog. This experiment is a great one for adults to do with kids. Add water to the dry ice cover it with a layer of soapy water and watch your bubble grow.

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