Board exams are approaching, almost every student is busy with their revisions, as they have completed with their syllabus and waiting for the day to prove their talents. Even though after thorough preparation, most of the students fail to score best in their exams and the main reason behind this failure may be some common mistakes which students often create in their exams.

Here are the most common and repetitive mistakes committed by candidates in their board exams.

  • Always start your preparations by preparing a study plan and collecting all the required study materials. This is a good practice to start the exam preparations.
  • Never lose your hopes. Keep your confidence level high and have a positive thought towards your preparations.
  • Those students preparing for their CBSE class 12 board exams should always remember to practice more questions from NCERT Solutions for Class 12. As it helps students to learn the topics more easily and effectively.
  • Most of the students skip a few topics due to the lack of time. Therefore, always follow the hierarchy and complete all the syllabus on time.
  • Solve more previous years question papers, as it gains a complete knowledge about the current question paper pattern and also improves the time management skills.
  • During the exams, never try to guess answers as there will be negative marks, which may decrease your total score.
  • Never skip practicing diagrammatic questions as they fetch more marks in your exams. Therefore, practice drawing a neat labelled diagram along with its descriptions.
  • Don’t spend more time on a single question. If you are not sure about the answer, leave space for it and move to the next question.
  • Before writing the exam or attempting any questions, read all the instructions carefully.
  • The last and the final important point is, never try to mug up the topics during the last minute of the exam, as it heads to a lot of confusion and finally lose your confidence.
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Thus, these were some common and repetitive mistakes which a student must take care in their Board exams. Apart from all these tips, students should always remember to prepare from the NCERT books as it is most widely the recommended books for the CBSE board exams. Those students who find difficulties in finding the solutions can refer to the NCERT solutions. Click here to download the NCERT solutions chapter wise.

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