In order to help the study weight of school understudies, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) has concocted the choice to cut no less than 25 percent of the syllabus for the children concentrating on till Class 8 in Delhi government schools. The choice was reported by the training pastor, Manish Sisodia who said that the arrangement will be actualized from October onwards.

Understudies need to convey overwhelming packs to class, which makes it badly arranged. As indicated by daily paper reports, the syllabus diminishment will be including every one of the books identified with games, theater, workmanship and society, music and so forth.

The syllabus for higher classes, for example, Class 9 to 12 may additionally be lessened.

On the other hand, not long after the syllabi cut declaration was made, the choice got a blended reaction from different educationists and activists the nation over. Concerning numerous the way and velocity of the arrangement’s execution is sketchy. Then again for some, the arrangement of chopping down the syllabi ought to just be actualized just on government schools. As one contends, that arrangement will surely damage the constitution’s proverb of giving correspondence of chance.

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In spite of the fact that, the arrangement to chop down the syllabus of Classes 9 to 12 won’t be so natural as Delhi government schools are all associated to the CBSE and diminishment can be accomplished just through the board’s participation.

According to Sisodia’s announcement this measure was motivated by previous President APJ Abdul Kalam’s concept of decreasing course load.


  1. I feel CBSE syllabus is packed with lots of unwanted load to students which will never contribute anything for their future rather it would push the students to loss of confidence in life and to lose social values. This syllabus burden can never create good citizens for our nation. We should adopt easier learning techniques as used in countries like USA, UK & Australia. They have simpler syllabus, yet is valued better than that of India and is rated higher..


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