Category: Shaping Machine

Operations Performed in Shaping Machine

Different types of operations are performed in a shaping machine. They are broadly classified as Regular operations Special operations Regular Operations Machining Horizontal Surfaces A shaper is mostly used to machine a flat, true surface on a workpiece. Horizontal surfaces are machined by moving…Read More »

Swivel Toolhead of Shaper

The toolhead of a shaper holds the cutting tool rigidly. It is fitted on the face of the ram. The vertical slide of the toolhead can be moved vertically or at a particular angle to provide vertical and angular feed movement to…Read More »

Method of Table Movement

The table moves in a cross direction when the crossfeed screw is rotated. A crank handle is provided to rotate the the crossfeed screw manually. When the crossfeed screw is rotated in clockwise direction, the table will move towards left. When the elevating screw is…Read More »

Size of a Shaper

The size of a shaper is determined by the maximum length of stroke it can make. Shapers with maximum strokelength of 175mm to 900mm are available. Machines with maximum strokelength of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm are used widely. To specify the machine…Read More »