Category: Milling Machine

Milling Machine Operations

The following operations are performed using suitable milling cutters. Plain milling Face milling Side milling Straddle milling Angular milling Gang milling Form milling End milling Flute milling Keyway milling Drilling & reaming Boring Gear cutting Thread milling Cam milling Plain Milling It…Read More »

Elements of a Plain Milling Cutter

The main parts and angles of a plain milling cutter as shown in Figure are described below: Body of cutter: It is the part of the cutter left after exclusion of the teeth. Face: The portion of the teeth next to the cutting edge…Read More »

Milling Machine Attachments

The milling machine attachments are intended for the purpose of developing the range of operations, versatility, production capacity and accuracy of machining process. The different milling machine attachments are: Vertical milling attachment Universal milling attachment High speed milling attachment Slotting attachment Rotary…Read More »

Cutter Holding Devices

Depending on the design of the cutter, there are several methods of supporting milling cutters on the machine spindle. Arbor Collet Adapter Screwed on Cutters Arbor Milling cutters with central holes are mounted and keyed on a shaft called arbor. There are…Read More »

Work Holding Devices

For effective machining operations, the workpieces need to be properly and securely held on the machine table. The following are the usual methods of holding work on the table. Large and irregular shaped workpieces are held on the milling machine table by…Read More »