Category: Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic Circuit for a Shaping Machine

The important elements of a hydraulic shaper are Constant discharge hydraulic pump Pressure relief valve Four way control valve Cylinder with piston Hydraulic liquid is pumped by a constant discharge pump into the direction control valve. It has four ports and three…Read More »

Hydraulic Cylinder

A hydraulic cylinder converts hydraulic energy into linear mechanical energy. It is also called as linear actuator. The piston placed inside a cylinder can be made to move to a required distance at a required point of time by the liquid. In…Read More »

Hydraulic Motor

It is a device used to transform hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Any hydraulic motor can be used as an hydraulic pump. But a few types of pumps only can be used as hydraulic motor. The capacity of the hydraulic motor depends…Read More »

Rotary Pump

The types of rotary pumps are Gear pump Vane pump Lobe pump Gear Pump In a gear pump, two gears are placed inside a hollow casing in such a way that they rotate in opposite direction. One of these two gears is given…Read More »