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Advantages & Disadvantages of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine

This post has been updated. [redirect url=’’ sec=’10’] CNC machine basically Computer Numerical Control machine which particularly points at the involvement of computers in controlling machine tools operations. Initially it may seem like a regular functioning PC; however, it is unique and…Read More »

What are the applications of CNC machine?

In today’s scenario you will find lathe machine in almost all industries, workshops and even on road side small scale workshops or repair shops for heavy vehicles. CNC lathe machines are also not an exception to this. There is hardly any aspect of manufacturing…Read More »

Feedback System in NC Machine

In NC machine system, the instructions are picked from the punched card or tape by the reading Unit. Processors send electric pulses which actuate the motors and slides to govern the movement of the spindle or tables. A control system is necessary…Read More »

Classification of NC Machine Tools

According to various features, NC machine tools are classified as the following According to the type of power to the drives Electrical Hydraulic Pneumatic According to motion control system of slides Point- to – point system Contour (or) continuous path system According…Read More »