Responsive, straightforward and 100% virtual, so the new arrangement of acceptance of advanced education certificates issued abroad, displayed by the Minister of Education Gina Parody.

The model makes a 180-degree turn in the process permitting more fast, effective and straightforward.

The recording of archives and installment are done online now that individuals ought not travel or utilization go betweens, permitting the client to take after a nitty gritty procedure.

These adjustments in the framework to open the ways to internationalizing advanced education in our nation.

Bogotá DC, August 12, 2015. Service of National Education. Light-footed, straightforward and 100% virtual, so the new arrangement of approval of advanced education recognitions issued abroad, displayed by the Minister of Education Gina Parody. The model permits the acknowledgment of capabilities more effective for both Colombians examining in another nation and come back to Colombia, concerning outsiders ought to need to propel this procedure before the training portfolio. Amid the dispatch the Minister said that the framework empowers the procurement of a best administration and the centralization of data. “Ensure that any expert who enter the nation to have equivalent conditions to the nature of our graduates. It is a commitment as a legislature to accomplish through an approval procedure straightforward, basic and proficient “Spoof pushed. He likewise noticed that the administration’s endeavors to expand scope and quality must be steady with the strategy for acknowledgment of certificates got abroad with a perspective to, once accepted, have the same impacts handy of a degree from a Colombian organization. “A standout amongst the most critical changes in this procedure is that the recording of reports and installment is made ​​via web without that individuals ought to move to the Ministry’s premises in Bogota, as was finished over 10 years, “he said. In such manner Rahul Choudaha, Director of Strategic Development and Chief Knowledge of World Education Services, master in patterns of internationalization and portability of understudies, and unique visitor at the dispatch, he alluded to the requirement for nations to open their fringes to create steady movement of understudies, adding to fortifying the progressing trade of information, societies and learning, to encourage their improvement as a country. Thus, this new arrangement of approval for the path forward right and adds to the internationalization instruments proficiency, straightforwardness and equality standards of value confirmation to make the most instructed Colombia in 2025.

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