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In arc welding, the edges of two metal parts are melted by an electric arc and the joint is made. An electrode made of a suitable metal is utilised for this purpose. The electrode is taken closer to the parts to be joined and electric current is supplied to both the parts and the electrode. An electric arc is made between the electrode and the metal parts. This arc generates high temperature and melts the metal parts. The parts are joined at this molten state. The filler metal in the form of electrode is deposited along the joint. The metal parts are joined without the application of any pressure. Electrical energy is coverted into heat energy in arc welding.

The distance between the metal parts and the eleclrode should be around 3mm. The heat generated during arc welding ranges from 5000°C to 6000°C. A generator or a transformer supplies the required current to both the electrode and the metal parts. The electrodes are flux coated to prevent the molten metal from reacting with the atmosphere.

Methods of Welding

Arc welding

Arc Welding Equipments

The following equipments are used for the process of arc welding

  1. C welding generator (or) AC transformer
  2. Cables
    1. Electrode cable
    2. Work cable
  3. Electrode holder
  4. Electrode
  5. Gloves
  6. Protective shield (or) Goggles
  7. Apron for the operator
  8. Wire brush
  9. Chipping hammer

Arc Welding Circuit

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