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Andhra University or Andhra Viswa Kala Parishath, located in Visakhapatnam, north east coastal Andhra Pradesh, is one of the older premier universities in India with a broad focus.

Andhra University is not just one of the oldest educational institutions in the country, but is also the first to be conceived as a residential and teaching-cum-affiliating University, mainly devoted to post-graduate teaching and research.

The people of the State have an emotional attachment to the institution, since it came into being after a prolonged and collective struggle of the Telugu elite for a University in the educationally backward northern Circars and Ceded districts of the erstwhile Madras Presidency.

Andhra University was constituted in the year 1926 by the Madras Act of 1926. The 86-year-old institution is fortunate to have Sir C.R. Reddy as its founder Vice-Chancellor, as the steps taken by this visionary proved to be fruitful in the long run.

Former President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was one of its Vice-Chancellors who succeed Dr. C. R. Reddy in 1931. The University College of Arts was inaugurated on 1 st July, 1931.  The inaugural courses were Telugu language and literature, History, Economics and Politics.  A year later, the College of Science and Technology came into being with Honours courses in Physics and Chemistry.   The University pioneered in introducing many new courses in Science, Arts, Management and Engineering in the country.

The leaders of the university always believed that excellence in higher education is the best investment for the country and   engaged the services of famous educationists such as Dr. T.R. Seshadri, Dr. S. Bhagavantham, Professor Hiren Mukherjee, Professor Humayan Kabir and Dr. V.K.R.V. Rao, to mention a few who set high standards for teaching and research. Nobel Lariat C V Raman was the proud alumnus of the University and closely associated in laying research foundations in Physics. Padmavibhushan Prof. C R Rao, the renowned statistician of the world, was also the proud alumnus of the University.

Keeping in pace with the global needs and challenges under the leadership and guidance of successive Vice-chancellors, the University is offering several new Courses of relevance and Contemporary significance.

Ever since its inception in 1926 Andhra University has an impeccable record of catering to the educational needs and solving the sociological problems of the region.  The University is relentless in its efforts in maintaining standards in teaching and research, ensuring proper character building and development among the students, encouraging community developmental programmes, nurturing leadership in young men and women and imbibing a sense of responsibility to become good citizens, while striving for excellence in all fronts.

As a sequel to this, the University has always subjected itself for continuous self-evaluation for maintaining standards and to reach set targets.  Further, to assure quality in Higher Education the University has gone through the process of assessment and accreditation by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in April 2002. The Peer Committee has analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the institution and has assessed the University with ‘A’ grade awarding it with the best percentage among the State Universities of Andhra Pradesh. The University designed and implemented Quality Management System successfully and became the first general University in the country to get ISO 9001: 2000 Certification in 2006.

College of Arts & Commerce Courses List
Post Graduate Courses

  1. M.A. English
  2. M.A. Hindi
  3. M.A. Sanskrit
  4. M.A. Telugu
  5. M.Ed.
  6. B.Ed. Special Education (One year duration)
  7. M.Com.
  8. M.L.I.Sc.
  9. M.J.M.C.
  10. M.A. Applied Economics
  11. M.A. Economics
  12. M.A./M.Sc. Quantitative Economics
  13. M.A. Adult & Continuing Education
  14.  M.A. Ancient History & Archaeology
  15.  M.A. History
  16.  M.A. Politics
  17.  M.A. Public Administration
  18.  M.A. Sociology
  19.  M.A. Psychology
  20.  M.A./M.Sc. Anthropology
  21.  M.H.R.M.
  22.  M.A. Social Work
  23.  B.F.A. (4 years duration)
  24.  M.A. Philosophy
  25.  M.A. Music
  26.  M.A. Dance (Self Finance)
  27.  M.Ed. Special Education
  28.  M.B.A.
  29.  M.B.A. Retail Management
  30.  LLB.
  31.  LLM.
  32. M.Phil / Ph.D. (FT. & PT.) programmes in Centre for Study of Social exclusion    & Inclusive policy (Dept. of Anthropology).
  33.  M.Phil. Counseling Psychology
  34.  M.Phil. Clinical Psychology.
  35.  2 Year M.P.Ed. degree course
  36.  B.P.A. (4 Years) Batchelor of Performing Arts in Theatre Arts
  37.  5 year Integrated LLB Degree Course
  38.  5 year Integrated Course in M.S. Economics.
  39. M.A. in Women Studies and Computer Applications (2008-09)
  40. M.A. in Yoga and Consciousness
  41. Master of Finance & Control (Self-finance) (2009-10)
  42. Master of Hospital Administration (2009-10)
  43. Master of Hospital Administration course offered in School of Distance Education, A.U., VSP. (2011-2012).
  44. MJMC s course offered in School of Distance Education, A.U.,VSP.(2011-2012)
DIPLOMA COURSES (One year Course with out Entrance Test)

  1. PGD- Cooperation &  Rural Studies (One Year) full time Course
  2. PG. Diploma in Raja Basha Hindi (Two year)
  3. PGD- Functional Hindi & Translation
  4. PGD- Yoga
  5. PGD- English (Language and Linguistics)
  6. PGD- Women’s Studies
  7. French (Jr. Diploma & Sr. Diploma in French)
  8. Diploma Course in Capital Markets
  9. P.G. Diploma in Retail Management
  10. P.G. Diploma in Financial Services
  11. PG. Diploma in Criminal Justice course (2006-07) in A.U.Dr.B.R. Ambedkar College of Law.
  12. Starting of 6 months Diploma Course in Yoga, (2006-07) in the Dept. of Yoga Institute.
  13. Diploma in Annamacharya Krithis.
  14. One Year Diploma in Kuchipudi Nrutya Praveshika.

    1. Certificate Course in Acting (3 months).
    2. 3 months certificate course in Music.
    3. Certificate Course in Make-Up (3 months).
    4. Certificate Course in Music (3 months).
    5. Certificate Course in Telugu (1 month) for Non-speaking Indians .
College of Engineering (A) Courses List

  UG Courses in Engineering

  1. B.E. Civil Engineering
  2. B.E. Civil Environmental
  3. B.E. Mech. with Marine Engineering elective
  4. B.E. Mechanical Engineering
  5. B.E. Electronics and Communication Engineering
  6. B.E. Electrical and Electronics Engineering.
  7. B.Tech. Computer Science and Systems Engineering
  8. B.E. Metallurgical Engineering
  9. B.E. Marine Engineering
  10. B.E. Naval Architecture
  11. B.Tech. Instrumentation Engineering
  12. B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
  13. B.Tech. Geo-informatics
  14. B.Tech. Ceramic Technology
  15. B.Arch.
  16. B.Tech. Biotechnology
  17. BE (Bachelor Electorial Mechanical Engineering 2010 – 2011)
  18. PG Diploma in condition Monitoring Course A.U. and CMSI 2010–2011 in School of Course

P.G. Courses in Engineering

  1. M.E. Environmental Engineering & Management
  2. M.E. Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering
  3. M.E. Machine Design
  4. M.E. Heat Transfer in Energy System
  5. M.E. CAD/CAM
  6. M.Tech. Technology Forecasting
  7. M.E. Control System
  8. M.E. Power system & Automation
  9. M.E. Marine Engineering & Mechanical Handling
  10. M.Tech. Computer Science & Technology
  11. M.Tech. Information Technology
  12. M.Tech. Chemical Engineering
  13. M.Tech. Mineral Processing Engineering
  14. M.Tech. Bio-technology
  15. M.Tech. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
  16. M.Tech. Geo-Engineering
  17. M.Tech Industrial Process Instrumentation.
  18. M. Planning
  19. M.Tech. Communication Systems.
  20. M.C.A. (Master of Computer Applications)
  21. M.Planning (Environmental)
  22. M.Tech Programme in Computer Aided Chemical Engineering
  23. M.Tech. (CST with specilization in Computer Engineering)
  24. M.Tech. (CST with specilization in Information Technology)
  25. M.Tech. (CST with specilization in Bio-informatics)
  26. M.Tech. (CST with specilization in Computer Networks)
  27. M.Tech. Transportation Engineering
  28. M.Tech. Industrial Pollution control Engineering.
  29. M.Tech. Bio-informatics
  30. M.E. Water Resources & GIS
  31. 5 year Integrated course in M.S. Applied Chemistry
  32. M.E. Industrial Engineering
  33. M.Tech. (VLSI) Course (offered by SVP Engg. College, P.M. Palem, Visakhapatnam 2009-10 batch)
  34. M.E. (Industrial Metallurgy)
  35. M.E. Construction Technology and Project Management
  36. M.E. Structural Engineering/Natural Disaster Management
  37. M.E. Hydraulic and Coastal Harbour Engineering
  38. M.Tech Radar and Microwave Engineering
  39. M.Tech. Electronics Instrumentation Engineering
  40. M.Tech. (Bio-medical Engineering)

Self Finance Courses in Engineering

      1. M.Tech. Industrial Pollution control Engineering.
      2. M.Tech. Computer Aided chemical Engineering
      3. M.Tech. Nano-technology
      4. M.Tech. Bio-informatics
      5. M.Tech. (CST with specialization in A1 Robotics)
      6. M.Tech. Computer Networks
      7. M.E. Transport Engineering
      8. M.E. Water Resources & GIS
      9. 5 year Integrated course M.S. Soft Ware Engineering
      10. 5 year Integrated course in M.S. Information Technology
      11. M.S. Software & M.S. Signal Processing Engineering (Twinning PG. Programs offered in Collaboration with Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden)
      12. M.S. Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (A twinning PG Program offered in collaboration with Kansas State University, USA).
      13. M. Planning
      14. M.E. CAD/CAM.
      15. M.E. Industrial Engineering (2007-08 BATCH)
      16. M.E. Construction Technology and Project Management
      17. M.E. Structural Engineering/Natural Disaster Management
      18. M.E. Hydraulic and Coastal Harbour Engineering
      19. M.Tech Radar and Microwave Engineering
      20. M.Tech. Electronics Instrumentation Engineering
      21. M.Tech. (Remote Sensing)
      22. M.Tech. Bio-medical Engineering)
      23. M.S. (EEE) and M.S. Mechanical 5 year Integrated courses academic year 2009-10.M.S. Chemical Engineering 2010 – 11, M.S. Computer Science , M.S. (CSIT) 2007 – 2008 and M.S. (ECE) 2010 – 2011
      24. M.E. (Power Electronics Drives Control) 2 year course 2009-10.
      25. 5 Year Integrated M.S. (Civil).
      26. B.Engg. (Air Craft Engg.) (Twinning Programme offered by A.U. in collaboration with Perth college UK)
      27. M.S. (Telecommunication Systems Double degree programme with Sweden).
      28. M.Tech. (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) 2009-10 (Self-finance)
College of Science & Technology Courses List

  1. M.Sc. Statistics
  2. M.Sc. Applied Mathematics
  3. M.A./M.Sc. Mathematics
  4. M.Sc. Physics
  5. M.Sc. Space Physics
  6. M.Sc. Nuclear Physics
  7. M.Sc. Meteorology
  8. M.Sc. Physical Oceanography
  9. M.Sc.(Tech.) Geophysics (3 years duration)
  10. M.Sc. Marine Geophysics
  11. M.Sc. Hydrology
  12. M.Sc. Biochemistry
  13. M.Sc. Biotechnology
  14. M.Sc. Agricultural Biotechnology (offered in the Department of Botany, A.U.)
  15. M.Sc. Horticulture & Landscape Management (offered at department of Botany, A.U.)
  16. M.Sc. Chemistry with the following specialisations (Organic Chemistry, Chemistry & Analysis of Foods, Drugs & Water, Inorganic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Bio-Inorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Marine Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Nuclear Chemistry)
  17. M.Sc. Applied Chemistry
  18. M.Sc. Environmental Sciences
  19. M.Sc. Microbiology
  20. M.Sc. Botany
  21. M.Sc. Zoology
  22. M.Sc. Marine Biology and Fisheries
  23. M.Sc. Coastal Aquaculture & Marine Biotechnology
  24. M.Sc. Marine Biotechnology
  25. M.Sc. Computer Science & Statistics
  26. M.Sc. Human Genetics
  27. M.Sc. Molecular Genetics
  28. M.Sc. Geology
  29. M.Sc. Marine Geology
  30. M.Sc. (Tech.) Applied Geology (3 years duration)
  31. M.Sc. (Tech.) Electronics & Instrumentation
  32. M.Sc. (Tech.) DSP. & ESD. (Very large scale Integration Design)
  33. M.Sc. (Tech.) VSLI Design
  34. M.Sc. Fishery Science (In place of M.Sc. Aquaculture and M.Sc. Industrial Fisheries (being offered in the Dept. of Zoology)
  35. M.Sc. Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics
  36. M.Sc. Geography
  37. M.Sc. Anthropology
  38. 5 year Integrated course in M.S. Geology
  39. M.Tech. Petroleum Exploration (being offered in Delta Studies Institute)
  40. M.Tech. Atmospheric Science.
  41. M.Tech. Oceanic Science
  42. M.S. Molecular Biology (2 year Programme)
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Courses List

1.     B. Pharmacy

2.     M. Pharmacy

3.     Pharma.D

UG Courses being offered at Affiliated Colleges of Andhra University

  1. B.A.
  2. B.Com.
  3. B.Sc.
  4. B.Sc. Home Science
  5. B.C.A.
  6. BBM
  7. BEM
  8. 5 Year Integrated Course in B.A. (OL)
  9. B.B.A.
  10. B.Com. Customer Service Management (through S.D.E.)
  11. B.Sc. Food Technology
  12. B.Sc. Hotel Management & Catering Technology.

List of Diploma Courses / Certificate Courses

1.     Starting of PG. Diploma in Capital Markets (2006-07) collaboration with Steel City Institute of Capital Market.

2.     Two PG. Diploma in Business & Consumer Welfare (2006-07) offered at D.N.R. College, Bhimavaram.

3.     3 Months Certificate Course in Telugu for Non Telugu Speaking Indians (2005-06) in the Dept. of Telugu.

4.     PG. Diploma in Criminal Justice course (2006-07) in A.U.Dr.B.R. Ambedkar College of Law.

5.     Short term Diploma Course in Acting (2006-07) in the Dept. of Theatre Arts.

6.     Certificate Course in TV Acting & Anchoring (2006-07) in the Dept. of Theatre Arts.

7.     Certificate Course in Make-Up (2006-07) in the Dept. of Theatre Arts.

8.     Starting of 6 months Diploma Course in Yoga, (2006-07) in the Dept. of Yoga Institute.

9.     Part-time Diploma Course in Arabic (Self Finance) (2006-07) in the Dept. of Arabic, Hindi Bhavan.

10. Sr.Diploma in French (2005-06).

11. 6 Months Certificate Course in Music, in the Dept. of Music (2007-08).

12. Starting of PG. Diploma in Rajah Basha Hindi, in the Dept. of Hindi (2007-08).

13. Starting of PG Diploma in Financial Services (Part-time) 2008-09, in the Dept .of Commerce & Mgt. Studies.

14. PG. Diploma in Medical Transcription, in the Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences.



1. MoU between Andhra University and Blenking Institute of Technology, Sweden.

i. M.Tech. Signal Processing
ii. M.Tech. Telecommunication
iii. M.Tech. Soft Ware Engineering Double degree prog.

2. MoU between Andhra University and PERTH College, United Kingdom.

i. B. Engg./Air Craft Engineering

Arts (PG):

1. MoU between Andhra University and Centre for Space Science & Technological Education in Asia and Pacific, Dehradun (Affiliated to United Nations Organizations).

i. M.Tech. Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems
ii. M.Tech. Satellite communication
iii. M.Tech. Satellite Meteorology
Iv. M.Tech. space & Atmospheric Science

2. MoU between Andhra University and Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun.

i. M.Tech. Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems

3. MoU between Andhra University and Capital IQ Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

i. Master of Finance & Control (MFC.)


1. MoU between Andhra University and H.S.B.C., Visakhapatnam.

i. 3 Year B.Com. Customer Service Management (School of Distance Education)

2. MoU between Andhra University and Department of Consumer Affairs, Food & Civil Supplies, Govt. of AP.

i. Diploma & PG Diploma in consumer Education (through School of Distance Education)

3. MoU between Andhra University and Steel City Securities Limited, Visakhapatnam

The University is spread in a sprawling campus of 422 acres dotted with 121 buildings of Academic, Administrative and support services with a plinth area of about 20 lakhs sq.ft., and 324 staff quarters.  Presently the University catering the Educational needs of five green districts of Andhra Pradesh namely Visakhapatnam, East Godavari, West Godavari, Vizinagaram and Srikakulam.

The University campus is having 23 hostels for men which can accommodate more than 3200 students and 10 hostels exclusively for women with a capacity of more than 2000 seats. Two Hostels are specially constructed for foreign students. The University has also two Residential Health Centres one at south campus and the other at north campus and a homoeo  Dispensary.  The University has four Guest Houses, Central Canteen and four canteens at various locations, Press and Publication division, Women Waiting Halls, Faculty Club and Schools for Employees Children.

Address for Communication : Registrar, 
Andhra University, 
Visakhapatnam – 530 003, 
Andhra Pradesh, India.
E-Mail : [email protected] 
[email protected]
Office/Designation Office   Residence  
Vice-Chancellor 91-891-2575464
Rector 91-891-2704100
Registrar 91-891-2844444
Dean (Academic Affairs) 91-891-2783949
Dean (Communications) 91-891-2844455
Dean (PG and Professional Exams) 91-891- 2553293
Dean (Transport) 91-891-2844477
Dean (UG Exams) 91-891- 2553293
Dean (Students Affairs) 91-891-2844499
Co-ordinator (CDC) 91-891-2844122
Co-ordinator (UGC) 91-891-2844133
Chief Co-ordinator (Confdl.) 91-891- 2553293
Special Officer (Confdl.Work) 91-891-2844155
91-891- 2706986
Finance Officer 91-891-2844166
91-891- 2707712
Controller of Examinations 91-891- 2754124
91-891- 2844177
Joint Registrar 91-891- 2745647
Office/Designation Office   Residence  
Deputy Director, L.F.Audit 91-891-2844010
Incharge – I.M.C. 91-891-2844011
D.R. (Academic) 91-891-2844022
D.R. (Admn & Legal Cell) 91-891-2844033
D.R (Accounts) 91-891-2844044
D.R. (UGC, SC & ST, C-I) 91-891-2844055
Addl. Controller of  Exams-I 91-891-2844066
Addl. Controller of Exams-II 91-891-2844077
A.R. (Academic) 91-891-2844002
A.R. (Admn.) 91-891-2844003
A.R.(Finance) 91-891-2844004
A.R.(Accounts) 91-891-2844005
A.R. (Exams – Confdl) 91-891-2844006
A.R. (Exams – I ) 91-891-2844007
A.R. (Exams – II ) 91-891-2844008
A.R. (CDC ) 91-891-2844009
A.R. (U.G.C.) 91-891-2844175
A.R. (Engg. Works) 91-891-2844173
A.R. (Greivances Cell) 91-891-2844154


Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh

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